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FREIGHTENED – The Real Price of Shipping, reveals in an audacious investigation the mechanics and perils of cargo shipping; an all-but-visible industry that relentlessly supplies 7 billion humans and holds the key to our economy, our environment and the very model of our civilisation.


FREIGHTENED_documentary_polarstarfilms90% of the goods we consume in the West are manufactured in far-off lands and brought to us by ship. The cargo shipping industry is a key player in world economy and forms the basis of our very model of modern civilisation; without it, it would be impossible to fulfil the ever-increasing demands of our societies. Yet the functioning and regulations of this business remain largely obscure to many, and its hidden costs affect us all. Due to their size, freight ships no longer fit in traditional city harbours; they have moved out of the public’s eye, behind barriers and check points. The film answers questions such as: Who pulls the strings in this multi-billion dollar business? To what extent does the industry control our policy makers? How does it affect the environment above and below the water-line? And what’s life like for modern seafarers? Taking us on a journey over seas and oceans, FREIGHTENED reveals in an audacious investigation the many faces of world-wide freight shipping and sheds light on the consequences of an all-but-visible industry.


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St. John Film Society, US Virgin Islands

4th April 2017

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Globale Film Festival Bremen, Germany

30th March 2017

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GAFA, Canada

28th March 2017

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Eco Film Festival, South Africa

27th & 30th March 2017

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DC Enviromental Film Festival, USA

19th March 2017

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Nebenrolle Natur Filmfestival, Switzerland

17th March 2017

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San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival, USA

10th March 2017

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Festival du Film Vert, France

9th March 2017 (multiple screenings)

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One World, Czech Republic

8th, 12th & 13th March 2017

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NRK, Norway

5th March 2017

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Salt Spring Film Festival, USA

4th & 5th March 2017

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Transitions Film Festival, Australia

20:45h 2nd March 2017

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Sedona Film Festival, USA

21st and 23rd February 2017

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Available Light Film Festival, Canada

12:00h 12th February 2017

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Reframe Film Festival, Canada

27th January 2017

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Globale Mittelhessen, Germany

24th & 29th January, 2nd February 2017

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Wild and Scenic Film Festival, USA

13th January 2017

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VGTV, Norway

10th January 2017

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Doc Lounge, Finland

13th December 2016

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IACC, Panama

29th November 2016

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Green Fest, Serbia

16th November 2016

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FICMA, Spain

10th November 2016

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MONFIC, Uruguay

25th & 26th October 2016

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Petaluma International Film Fest., USA

30th October 2016

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Planet in Focus, Canada

22th October 2016

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Innsbruck Nature Film Fest, Austria

20th October 2016

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DocsMx, Mexico

14th to 17th October 2016

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AWFF, Spain

9th October 2016

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Pickford Film Center

18:30h 7th October 2016

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KLEFF, Malaysia

18:15h 6th October 2016

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VIFF, Canada

30th September, 2nd & 12th October 2016

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DREFF, Dominican Republic

14th, 15th, 16th September 2016

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DocsBarcelonaMedellín, Colombia

20:15h 21st July 2016
16:00h 22nd July 2016

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Sense Ficció, TV3, Spain

21:55h 5th July 2016

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Sheffield Doc/Fest, UK

12:30h 11th June 2016
12:00h 13th June 2016

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SRF, Switzerland
22:55h 8th June 2016

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DocsBarcelona, Spain
19:45h 27th May 2016
16:15h 29th May 2016

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RTBF, Belgium
22:25h 18th May 2016
12:20h 23th May 2016

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GoodPlanet, Paris, France
20:00h 10th May 2016

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SVT, Sweden
22:00h 1st May 2016

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San Francisco Green Film Fest
14th – 20th April 2016

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Das Erste (SWR), Germany
22:45h 30th March 2016

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France5, France
00:45h 8th March 2016

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Meet the team

Denis Delestrac – Director

After launching his career as a writer and photographer in the United States, DENIS DELESTRAC stepped into filmmaking in 2001 when he met legendary photographer Steve McCurry, later to become the subject of The Face of the Human Condition

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Jordi Esgleas – Photography

Jordi Esgleas is a director, editor and DOP with more than 20 years experience in the field. Most recently, Jordi has been working as a DOP on international documentaries such as Philip K. Dick, Memories Of The Future (2014, coproduced with

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Dragomir Bajalica – Editor

Dragomir Bajalica, born in Yugoslavia, is a British editor with extensive experience in editing feature films, documentaries, short films and advertising. He has worked with broadcasters such as National Geographic, BBC, Channel 4 and TVE.

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Jean de Garrigues – Editor

Jean de Garrigues is an experienced editor of documentaries and feature films for both television and cinema. He has worked with broadcasters such as France Télévisions and ARTE in several occasions and Canal+.

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Ibon Olaskoaga – Editor

Ibon Olaskoaga is an award-winning editor and director of documentaries. A native of Spain, he graduated from San Sebastian’s ESCiVi (School of Cinema and Video) and began working as an offline and online editor in Barcelona in 1991.

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Ian Briton – Original Music

Between 1990 and 1995 Ian worked as actor/musician with the legendary and controversial theatre group “La Fura dels Baus”, including several world tours for the shows Sus O Suz , Tier Mon and Noun, and performed and composed the music f

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Carles Brugueras – Producer

Executive producer Carles Brugueras established Polar Star Films in 1997 after fifteen years of working as an independent film and television producer. This independent production company in Barcelona, Spain, boasts a strong track record in

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Marieke Van Den Bersselaar – Producer

The documentary department of PSF is led by producer Marieke van den Bersselaar. Experienced in working in Spanish documentary, fiction and animation productions, she joined the Polar Star Films team in 2012.

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Laurent Mini – Producer

La Compagnie des Taxi-Brousse, based in Paris, is one of the ten leading French independent production companies, producing contemporary, original programming for a world-wide audience.

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Karim Samaï – Producer

Karim Samaï is co-founder and manager of La Compagnie des Taxi-Brousse since 1991. He has produced more than 450 programmes for broadcasters.

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Written and Directed by
Denis Delestrac

Carles Brugueras
Laurent Mini
Karim Samaï
Marieke van den Bersselaar

Trevor Hayes

Jordi Esgleas Marroi

Dragomir Bajalica
Jean de Garrigues
Ibon Olaskoaga

Original music
Ian Briton
Rod Boyd

Ursula Benning

Assistant Director
Davina Breillet

Script Development & Research
Isabel Andrés Portí

Thierry Dunyach

Archive Researcher
Nancy Marcotte

Production Manager
Júlia Aragay

Additional Production Assistance
Elia Urquiza

Post-Production Director
Rose Kowalski

Post-Production Coordinator
Marianne Jestaz

Motion Graphic Design

Motion Graphic Composers
Joan Aliaga
Marc Esteban
Alexis Gallardo
Jordi Matosas
Clara Pons
Oriol Rello
Peter van der Zee